Your Ultimate Guide to Spotting Fake and Unlicensed Sportsbooks

The industry of online sportsbook betting is rife with fake actors which range from sportsbooks with poor solvency and delayed payouts up to straight-up intentional fraudsters. You will stand to lose a lot more than a mere bad bet if you don’t do your research about betting with an online sportsbook.



What does a fraudulent sportsbook mean?

You can distinguish that a sportsbook is being run by a dishonest actor is it does any of the following:

  • Very late payouts (over and up to 30 business days).
  • Lacks of a customer service response.
  • It does not credit winning wagers (be it partial or the entire wager).
  • Making off with deposits in their totality.

Avoid selecting a sportsbook that might do any of the things above through these tips!

  • Check your sportsbook’s license. A reputable sportsbook will brandish their legal license to operate on their website. Other legitimate sportsbooks even take greater pains only to make their licenses visible to the website’s visitors while there are also others that will hide it within the scope of their terms and conditions. These licenses are a sportsbook’s prerequisite for ensuring that their books are being opened to legal, third-party audits and have passed the examinations of their finances. If a sportsbook doesn’t have any posted licensing information at their website, you might want to reconsider sending your cash.
  • Watch out for lines that are so good to be true. Even when the bookmaker’s lines vary, if you happen to notice an eye-popping line that seems so good to be true, then it might be a sign that your sportsbook is not trustworthy. If you ever see wonky odds then you might reconsider betting and take your business elsewhere.
  • You see bonuses that are higher than what it’s supposed to be. One of the most common scammy tricks that fraud sportsbooks use to lure bettors to their sites is offering massive bonuses along with terms and conditions that are too good to be true.
  • Your sportsbook shuts off book-to-book transfers all a sudden. You must be able to identify which is which – some sportsbooks will allow their players to transfer funds to other sportsbooks which are being known as a book-to-book transfer, but if you happen to come across a sportsbook which restricts this feature then it must be a bad sign and may state that you are engaging yourself in a fraud sportsbook.
  • You keep on updating but no one responds. A sign that you are dealing with a scammy online sportsbook is when you keep sending emails and don’t get a response for weeks.
  • The verification process takes too long. Another common trick used by fraudulent sportsbooks to delay the payment of their clients is to tell them that they haven’t received the required verification.
  • Payouts are being delayed or the account is being audited. You should not trust a sportsbook which uses a variety of different excuses to avoid paying out your winnings.

To find the best legal sportsbooks, you may go to 먹튀검증. You may identify a reputable sportsbook if they process fast payout, gains good reviews on internet forums, has a responsive customer service, have proven history of solvency, identifies the licensing region, reasonable terms and conditions, and has a well-operated website.